Weekly Reading Plans :: 06.24.12

The Story Reading

Sunday- The Story Chapter 20 (pgs. 275-277)
Monday- The Story Chapter 20 (pgs. 277-279)
Tuesday- The Story Chapter 20 (pgs.279-282)
Wednesday- The Story Chapter 20 (pgs. 282-285)
Thursday- The Story Chapter 20 (pgs. 285-287)
Friday- The Story Chapter 20 (pgs. 287-289)
Saturday- Nehemiah 1

Bible in a Year (Chronological Reading)
Sunday- 2 Chronicles 10-12
Monday- 1 Kings 15:1-24 ; 2 Chronicles 13-16
Tuesday- 1 Kings 15:25-16:34 ; 2 Chronicles 17
Wednesday- 1 Kings 17-19
Thursday- 1 Kings 20-21
Friday 1 Kings 22 ; 2 Chronicles 18
Saturday- 2 Chronicles 19-23

Memorize/Reflect: “With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord: “He is good; his love toward Israel endures forever.” (Ezra 3:11)

Personal Reflection: What is an area of your spiritual growth where you started strong but have hit a roadblock and slowed down (or quit)? What can you do to finish what God called you to do in this area of your life?

Discussion: How did the people of God succeed and follow God’s leading in this time of restoration and renewal? What are indications that they got sidetracked and stopped pursuing God’s will for their lives?

Prayer Direction: Ask God to help you make worship of Him a huge priority in your life. Pray for power to live for Him, even when you feel weary.

“Live It!” Challenge: God called them to build the temple (their life of worship) before anything else (including their own homes). Set one practical goal for making worship of God and your relationship with Him a greater priority. Then, put this goal into action in the coming days.

Monthly Prayer Focus: God speaks in many ways. Through the coming weeks, we will be learning ways to hear the voice of God. This week, ask God to convict you of anything that is demanding your time and energy in a way that is keeping you from living fully for Him. Listen for His voice, and respond to His leading in this area.

Extra Resources for this week: Make sure you have a copy of The Story. Also, consider buying a copy of the book, Listening for God, by Marilyn Hontz, and Deepening Your Conversation with God, by Ben Patterson. You might also want to read chapter six of Seismic Shifts, by Kevin Harney.

Small Group Resources for this week: Chapter 19 of The Story: Getting to the Heart of God’s Story (Adult Curriculum). You can purchase this 31-week study for 40% off at the Connections Center in the Shoreline lobby. (If you can’t afford this and are going to be part of a group, please contact Romel.)

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