Weekly Reading Plans :: 02.26.12

The Story Reading

Sunday- The Story Chapter 8 (pgs. 103-105)
Monday- The Story – Chapter 8 (pgs. 105-107)
Tuesday- The Story – Chapter 8 (pgs. 108-109)
Wednesday- The Story – Chapter 8 (pgs. 109-112)
Thursday- The Story – Chapter 8 (pgs. 112-116)
Friday- The Story – Chapter 8 (pgs. 116-119)
Saturday- Judges 5

Bible in a Year (Chronological Reading)

Sunday- Numbers 7
Monday- Numbers 8-10
Tuesday- Numbers 11-13
Wednesday- Catch up day!
Thursday- Numbers 14-15 and Psalms 90
Friday- Numbers 16-17
Saturday- Numbers 18-20

Memorize/Reflect: “Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:7)

Personal Reflection: What are some of the battles I am facing in my life today? What makes my courage fail and what helps me live and walk with greater courage?

Discussion: What causes people to stand and fight for their faith? What is one way you can stand for God and fight for your faith with greater intensity in the coming weeks?

Prayer Direction: Pray for courage to stand for God no matter what you face. Ask God to bring victory in the areas you battle and pray that you will give Him the glory.

“Live It!” Challenge: Take time every morning this week to ask God to make you strong and courageous…for His glory!

Monthly Prayer Focus: Pray for the members and leaders of Shoreline Community Church to be strong and courageous as we see to reach our community with the message of God’s love.

Extra Resources for this week: Buy a copy of The Story at the Shoreline Bookstore. You also might want to consider buying a study Bible. We also have a great children’s story book you might want to get and read with your children or grandchildren. If you want to go deeper, buy and read: Exploring The Story, by Adam Barr.

Small Group Resources for this week: Chapter 7 of The Story: Getting to the Heart of God’s Story (Adult Curriculum). You can purchase this 31-week study for 40% off at the Shoreline Bookstore. (If you can’t afford this and are going to be part of a group, please contact Romel.)

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