Photo Scavenger Hunt

April 23rd,  9 -11 p.m.

This event is going to knock your socks off(but you’ll want to put them back on, it gets cold at night)! We are meeting here at 9pm to head out on one of the craziest Photo Scavenger Hunts this side of the Mississippi! Here’s the plan…

– Grab all your closest friends(and the not so close)
– Grab your favorite youth leader(or whoever is left over)
– Jump in their car
– Tell them where to take you
– There will be clues given to each team to help locate other leaders all over Monterey
– Each leader will be worth different amounts of points
– Locate a leader and snap a photo with them and the group(here’s where smart phones come in extra handy)
– Meet back at Shoreline at 11pm
– Winners announced the next week at CRAVE

So, that’s it. Sounds great, right? Right. Oh, and I almost forgot… it’s 100% FREE. Even better now? I thought so.

Email Nate or Stephen.

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