Middle School Missions Trip Update 7

We have been working hard here on the middle school missions trip and it’s paying off well. We split the team for several hours as we served to other local churches connect to Corvallis Church then joined back together to server Dallas Church, Corvallis Church’s mother church.
As we split one group went to help Suburban Church with several projects around their campus. Suburban has provided Corvallis Church with office space and other aid and it was wonderful to bless those who are blessing others.
The second group went to help another new church plant here in Corvallis. They are only in the planning stages and are yet to come up with a name but they have been given an old church building. As we arrived it was easy to see that the grounds had been really let go of by the church that had once used the facilities. Weeds that stood over five feet high surrounded the building and filled the parking lot planters. The Pastor explain a long “dream list” of their goals for the grounds being cleaned by the end of the year. So far the work was being done by he and his wife and a handful of other helpers. They were shocked to come back 7 hours later to find their year end plans complete. I was thrilled with how hard the team worked and amazed by all we accomplished in one day. (see pics below)
As I mentioned we were also able to help Dallas Church with a project. Quite honestly their request is by far the strangest I have ever had on a trip of this nature and I have seen and heard a lot. I was very tired from a long day of work in the sun as Mike Miller, one of the Pastors at Corvallis Church, was explaining this new opportunity to serve. He was talking along about how helpful it would be and about handing out flyers and connecting to the community. All of these things seemed normal and I has just half awake agreeing my way through the conversation when the word “Parade” sparked my brain. When I asked,”Did you say parade?”, he looked at me and said, “oh are you not interested?”. To this I quickly explained that I was more the just interested, I was very excited. So with that yesterday morning our group marched in the Dallas Or annual city parade. As the Dallas Church float passed by our students handed out candy and flyers inviting all along the parade route to join Dallas Church for service today. The joy on the faces of our students was huge as they waved to the crowds lining the mile and a half parade route. Throwing candy to children and cooling people of with blasts from water guns, riding in old time trucks and waving to the crowds. I know that this memory will last a life time for the students. Our energy added much excitement to the Dallas float and they were grateful for our service.
It’s quickly beginning to feel like this won’t be our last trip to serve the people of Corvallis.

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