EXIT Middle School: All-Nighter!!

Hey Hey Hey Everyone!

We know you crazy children were yearning and desiring a night of food, super fun games, SWEEEEET prizes, horrible screaming, hanging out, tons of sugar that will rot your teeth out, and what better place to do all of that than at our Annual Exit All-Nighter?!?! You won’t want to miss this! This night far exceeds any other event we do and is just crazy fun! I can guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. So come, bring your friends, have fun, and the live the life you always wanted for a night!!

Just a reminder, we’re holding a raffle for those who bring the most friends. The more friends you bring, the more tickets you get to enter into the raffle. And trust me, if you’re a a good friend, you wouldn’t deprive your friends of this epic night of awesome amazingness. And plus, you get a really neato prize out of it so why NOT bring your amiogs?? RIDDLE ME THAT! (just kidding, Andrew you can erase this)


February 18th-19th



COST:  $10 at the door

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