Exit Leaving for Hume Lake

It’s 5:30 am Sunday the 26th so we are only two and a half hours from check in for this years trip to Hume Lake. In the next several hours students will be packing their last few things, getting hugs from mom and dad, trying not to show they are nervous, and getting more excited about camp. If you ever went away from home at this age then you know the mixed bag of hope, joy, and tension these young students feel. Please pray for our students today that they can feel great comfort with their counselors and friendship with one another.
A couple years ago I started calling the bus trip to camp the “magic bus” because even the kids that haven’t met a single person going on the trip before they get on the bus get off with someone they call their best friend. Please pray that the friendships made this week can bring encouragement and hope in the life’s of the students.
Well 5:30 has become 5:40 so it’s time for me to get rolling so check in will be ready when the families arrive.
Pastor Andrew
Check back soon for more Hume Lake updates!

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