Small Groups at Shoreline

What is a Small Group?

>> A small group is a group of people who meet together on a regular basis to fellowship and encourage each other in their personal relationship with Christ.

>> The purpose of a small group is to create an atmosphere where long-lasting friendships can be developed and lives can be transformed. We all need support and encouragement to make it through life’s challenges. Small groups provide a perfect environment to do so.

>> We have small groups consisting of all ages and genders: Youth, Men, Women, Married Couples, Singles, Families & a combination.

>> Small groups generally meet in homes, providing a casual and relaxed atmosphere. They meet all over Monterey County: Salinas, Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel.

>> Each small group has a different focus: Bible study, prayer, fellowship, marriage, Spiritual growth, finances, etc. The leaders are members of our church who have a strong passion for that specific area.

Why Join a Small Group?

>> Get Connected

Shoreline is a big church, and it is growing fast. Sometimes it is difficult to connect with people and build relationships. Small groups make our church feel smaller because they provide an avenue to connect with other believers. If you are not yet connected, we would like you to feel like you have a place to belong, as we all strive for maturity in Christ.

>> Develop Long-Lasting Friendships

In order to develop strong friendships with other believers, we have to spend time with each other. Unfortunately, there is not enough time during Sunday morning service to do so. By meeting during the week, we are able to connect and grow with fellow believers. With common beliefs and a common vision, the friendships you will get through a small group will stand the test of time. As Rick Warren said, “You cannot be what God made you to be, you cannot do what God created you to do… without other people… we were made for each other, God made us for a family.”

>> Experience a Life-Transforming Process

Small groups are where real needs get met in real ways. It is impossible for every person in our church to get their needs met through our pastors and staff. However, by empowering members in our church to lead small groups, they are able to meet you where you are at and care for your specific situation. This process of building relationships and building each other up in Christ causes our lives to be transformed.

How do I get involved in a Small Group?

>> Browse our current list of small groups by clicking here .

>> Visit the Connections table (outside of the bookstore) on Sundays.

>> Contact Dave Hopkins at // 831.655.0100 ext.303. He would love to get you plugged into the group that is a perfect fit for you.

>> You can check-in here on this webpage for current information regarding small groups.

Contact me and lets get you plugged in!!!

Dave Hopkins / Connections Pastor (831) 655-0100 ext. 303

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